Frame teams up with the Ministry of Culture and Sports

Our agency is delighted to have been chosen by the Ministry of Culture and Sports to develop and lead their communications and PR strategy. Our team will work closely with this specific ministerial department to ensure that their activities and events receive the best coverage and publicity possible, both in and outside Qatar. We are especially proud to be associated with an entity that spares no efforts to ensure that the population of Qatar receives the best in all things related to sports, culture and development.

The Ministry of Culture and Sports is a vibrant wing of the government. Over the years, it has earned an outstanding reputation of making Qatar synonymous with excellence in sports and culture. Aside from this, the Ministry constantly engages with the public through activities, events and road shows that have a rousing, positive impact on multi-cultural Qatar.

We are honoured that the Ministry of Culture and Sports would choose us to assist them in delivering world-class events, activities and awareness campaigns in Qatar

remarked Rami Shannah, Group Managing Director of Frame.

Human development is not measured merely in terms of economics, industry or per capita. It is also measured in terms of lifestyle and culture. For the past many years, this specific department has been instrumental in raising Qatar to a globally recognized patron of sports and culture. As a local advertising agency that is in tune with current trends, we are confident that we can help them get – and give - the best out of their future initiatives.